6 Weeks Web Development Bootcamp for Her

Kickstart your tech career and get incentives for commitment

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Her Tech Choice is a 6-Weeks virtual bootcamp for ladies who are interested in software development. It is an avenue to network and collaborate with other participants with the same drive and vision. Empower 200 participants with a variety of software development skills ranging from UI/UX design, frontend development and backend development. Grants incentives based on task completed / healthy collaboration. Beginner Focused / No knowledge of coding required.

Fully Online

Hands on learning and rewarding platform, all you need is a good network and your laptop.


Access to patient and competent mentors to guide all participants through the learning process.

Career Support

Provision of resources and after-learning guidelines to set participants in the right path to kickstart their tech career.


Incentives are disbursed to participants per task delivered. Winning teams are also granted rewards for successful collaborations.


User Interface & Experience Design

Front End Development

Back End Development